About Us

Who Do We Serve?

We work with families, small business owners and retirees across Canada, to provide the highest level of prompt financial planning. Offered by Ayur Wealth Strategies of Aligned Capital Partners, we also provide personalized service for Investment management.

At Ayur Financial Strategies, we believe in transparency, objectivity and continuity. Everything we do, we conduct ethically and with integrity.

Nearly Retired

At some point in our lives we wake up one morning and realize that our retirement starting line has never been closer. You may be asking yourself "am I set up for retirement?" or "can I afford to live the life I want to live?". We help families in all life stages get to where they want to be.

Business Owners

Business owners and executives more often have a high level of complexity in their financial affairs. Maximizing asset accumulation opportunities and constructing decumulation strategies to minimize tax is citical when integrating personal and corporate wealth.


We understand that the transition into retirement is rewarding, but can also have it's own unique challenges. One of the biggest psychological changes in our lives is when we go from being a saver to a spender - no more paychecks on the horizon. A retirement plan is the best way to have peace of mind, so that you can enjoy your golden years worry free.

Financial Planning

My financial situation has become very complicated. Am I on track?

What options do I have if my financial situation has become very complicated?

What will happen when I retire?
What we do is not for everyone. We layer your personal life with your finances. This is a dynamic process. Your comprehensive financial plan will be initially prepared then modified as your life, your goals and the markets change over time.

We will help you get the best life possible with the money you have at each stage of your life.

Risk Management

Who will pay the bills if you can’t – either due to disability or death? Is insurance the best way to mitigate the consequences of these unforeseen circumstances – or are other strategies more appropriate that can be implemented in conjunction with or instead of insurance for your personal situation? When you’ve done your financial plan and realize that you won’t come close to spending or giving it all away during your lifetime, how can life insurance assist you in leaving your legacy to others?
When most folks consider the issue of risk they are thinking of volatility of their investments. But have you considered that you are probably sitting on one of your most valuable assets – your ability to earn an income? Either as part of our comprehensive financial plan, or a stand-alone project, we can conduct an in-depth assessment of your personal situation regarding the risks of disability and premature death as it pertains to your financial plan. Should insurance be the most practical solution to covering off these risks, we can also help you navigate the market place and secure the most appropriate insurance solutions.

Retirement Coaching

What am I retiring to?
Life consists of three phases. Phase one - we are dependent on others and we learn. Phase 2 - others depend on us and we work. Phase 3 - when others no longer depend on us and we no longer need to work, we are free to savor life.